Dinolytics powered by WAVE

Enterprise level Accessibility reporting

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What you need to know

Dinolytics Features

Built on the WAVE Engine

WAVE was originally launched in 2001, and is used to evaluate the accessibility of millions of web pages each year.

WAVE works, it tests your site and gives you clear direction on Accessibility issues and how to improve it. WAVE is great for testing pages one by one, Dinolytics adds the ability to test and track your entire organization's accessibility posture. It's everything you love about WAVE but built with the Enterprise user in mind. If you haven't ever seen WAVE in action you should try it out.

Dinolytics Dashboard

Everything Good about Dinolytics and WAVE

Crawl sites, organize sites, enterprise level dashboard

Dinolytics crawls your sites and allows you to organize them into groups. You can assign users to specific groups so they see only what is important to them. Global admins can see everything to have a complete picture of your organization's web presence. Different users have different roles and often times want to focus on different things, you can save dashboards specific to each user group.

With Accessibility, Knowledge IS power

Which department is the best at Accessibility? Which needs more training?

Find out which Accessibility issues your organization makes most frequently and be more efficient at training. Track your progress to evaluate your improvement & training efforts.

And of course

Other Dinolytics Features

Crawl Websites
Organize websites by groups
Enterpise Dashboard
Email Reports
Fully supported
Trend History