About Dinolytics

Dinolytics is a Pope Tech Product created because we need it and thought you might too. At Pope Tech we manage a lot of websites. As we have grown it became harder to have a standard and know if you are actually reaching it for things like Accessibility and Security. Dinolytics is the vision of creating an easy way to know where each website that we are responsible for is at. Two of our partners, Jay & John Pope started their web development Career at Utah State University. They saw a similar need in Higher Education, Government, other web agencies, and larger corporations. How do you know where things are really at when you are responsible for hundreds or thousands of web pages? The goal of Dinolytics is to solve these problems by giving the correct information to those who can and are responsible to make a difference in improving websites.

To do this we are creating a platform that can integrate with any data source. We are proud to work with WebAIM as Web Accessibility has always seemed to be harder than it should be. Our next priority is taking common open source security tools and exposing them through Dinolytics to improve web security.


A Pope Tech Product

Enterprise Accessibility evaluation. Security evaluation coming 2019.


Web Accessibility in mind

WebAIM's mission is to empower organizations to make their web content accessible to people with disabilities. WebAIM is an entity at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. Pope Tech and WebAIM are working together to bring the WAVE tool to more people and ultimately facilitate more websites to be accessible.

Pope Tech

Web Accessibility & Security

Pope Tech is family owned and operated by the Pope Brothers and located in Logan, Utah. We have a passion for serving our clients and creating impactful products.